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5 Star Helicopter Tours has teamed up with the best Las Vegas Adventure Tour operators combined with our Grand Canyon helicopter extended air tour flight.

BLAZIN PADDLES 2 HOUR GUIDED KAYAK TOUR - Start from Willow Beach on the 4 miles, three hour guided kayak tour through the beautiful Black Canyon along with Colorado River. Scour at the banks to be the first to spot Big Horn Sheep and Bald Eagles. Enjoy the green waters of Emerald Cave before your group kayaks back to Willow Beach.

HOOVER DAM RIVER ADVENTURE TOURS - Smooth water river rafting with Black Canyon River Raft Adventures provides a relaxing raft float trip starting from the base of the Hoover Dam & Bypass Bridge, as you float down the Colorado River at Black Canyon. Your guide will provide you fascinating insights into the history and geology of the area as you explore hot springs and enjoy a picnic on a beautiful beach. 

LAS VEGAS ZIP LINE AT GRAND CANYON WEST - For the thrill-seekers out there we offer an amazing Grand Canyon Helicopter tour combined with the thrill and fun of a Zip Line at speeds of up to 50 MPH through the beautiful Quartermaster Canyon above Grand Canyon West.

LAS VEGAS OUTDOOR SHOOTING RANGE - Meet your Gun Range specialist instructor surrounded by stunning desert landscape, as you select from a variety of weapons including a choice of machine guns, Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle, 9mm pistols, exploding targets.

1.5 HOUR ATV ADVENTURE RIDE THROUGH THE MOJAVE DESERT - Gear up as you meet your ATV Guide and take in the sights & sounds of the Mojave Desert terrain, as ride through stunning off-road trails. 

LAS VEGAS SPEEDVEGAS EXOTIC TRACK PACK DRIVING EXPERIENCE - After a short safety briefing from your instructor, you will drive on of the latest exotic cars on the market. You will drive a crushingly brilliant exotic car five laps on the Speed Vegas 1.5 mile/2.4 km track, built with rising elevation changes, high speed sweeping turns.